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I'm (respectfully) LEAKING the TOP SECRETS!

How often are you woken up by your alarm in the morning and feel the wash of ever-pressing dread trying to convince you to call out of work?

Do you feel like something is wrong with you because it seems like everyone else is able to just GET TO WORKTM easily and you have trouble enjoying your job, finding a job, or defining your worth based on your job?

Is your job causing you to burn out and not even have energy to take care of yourself or LIVE your life outside of work?

I hear you loud and clear, kid. And it's time for a RESPAWN.

You're not lazy, you don't have a poor work ethic, and you are not less than anything. You are simply not doing work that fulfils your soul. Something is missing, and it can be found in a variety of other forms that you might not be considering because you are burnt out!

You are doing what you feel you need to do to survive, and that is totally valid, real, and okay. Taking that leap of faith to chase your dream is scary, especially if it is uncertain and it feels like all of society's spotlights are on you waiting for you to flop dramatically.

But honestly? I'll take the risk of the public flop. I'll be the clown on the unicycle juggling and fumbling for audience amusement if it means that even just 1 person feels supported, seen, and valid. I know the power that perspective, support, and love can bring, and I'm ready to lean into it and trust that I know what I need and can have it if I work toward it and trust.

I have stories to tell and jokes to make, graphics to create and podcasts to record, and respectfully? I'm GETTING 2 WORK as CEO of "The Company", more formally known as my lifeTM.


It's time for my bi-quarterly rebrandTM, and this time I'm coming in HOT and leaking company trade secrets ON COMPANY TIME!!!

The last few months have aggressively shown me that I do not fit into a corporate or institutional mold. I'm not going to shame or judge myself for that! Instead, I am going to treat myself with compassion, and believe that I can find ways to lean into my strengths and passions.

I fully believe in my heart and soul that through doing soul-fulfilling work, I will have the energy, drive, and ability to still make my basic ends meet and live a fulfilling life full of love and light and learning.

Soul-fulfilling work for me is creating, collaborating, and community. I need to be in the world interacting and being silly and keeping things organized, or doing service in my community. THAT is what makes me excited to wake up and start my days: this podcast, my website/blog, my art, my library ambassador volunteer work, and communicating and learning through experience.

I've said too much.....pop in your secret earpiece and clock in to your buster-era's about to get real.

My call to action?

I want to use humor and improv techniques to share the tools I've learned through therapy and life experience-experiments that have helped usher my healing and growth/self-love journey onward without feeling overwhelming all the time.

I want to show people the things that have helped me find peace and joy in my life, despite taking on RKO-HITS regularly by the forces that be and having to recalibrate. However, I bounce back faster than ever now, and I am so proud of the work I put in to get here. Now I want to share these tools with whoever wants to hear them!

Head on over to the link below and give the first episode of my podcast a listen!!

--------> <--------------------

If you want to see what else I'm up to, here's a few spots to check out:

CYBER WORLD (art, online community) ------> <--------------------

Company Uniform and Merch orders -------> <---------------

Instagram ------> @aspenslivingmemoir <---------------

Tiktok -------> @aspenslivingmemoir <---------------

xoxoxo thank you and plz give feedback or thoughts if you have some to share!!

-Aspen <3

Now, respectfully....?......

Clock in and GET TO WORK! Time is money and I'm like 3 hours PAST overtime at this point, and do you really think this HUGE corporation can afford to pay me any extra?? Like ugh this generation.....soooo annoying, nobody thinks of the company you go to school and graduate and then apply for 495 jobs with 499 different cover letters and feel "discouraged" because you didn't get a single interview? Like UGH just GROW UP KIDS! Everything is fine you're just not trying hard enough! I'm truly a stones throw away from spontaneously firing all my gen-z interns with zero reasoning so I have time to circle back to the low hanging fruit. Times are just so hard being a business man in this world and nobody even cares about my pain :( like my profit margins are soooo skewed, my ceo is an absolute HR AND PR Nightmare, and to make matters worse?..........

*automated voice cuts in* "if you are satisfied with this message, please press pound OR hang up! to re-record your message, circle back!"

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