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Well hello!

Welcome back to Company Headquarters!



Alright kid, let’s get down to business: I need to brief you on what we have going on today in this circus-on-ice-spectacle we call a company.

In order to build trust and offer performative validation that The Company actualllllly cares about your opinion, we are humbly asking for your feedback.

Please review this **intense and theatrical** interview for a potential new Brand Ambassador For The BrandTM named Kaelan Brown!

Then, respectfully, let us know via comment, email, fax, etc if you think this guy TRULY deserves a spot in one of our coveted, top-tier, exclusive Company PositionsTM.

First, let me give you this buster’s back-story…

Kaelan is what the company would call “buzzworthy,” and embraces his passion for making artwork by exploring a wide variety of different mediums.

He is a full-blown ARTIST by nature! A designer, visual artist, and musician working to define the lines of visual rhythm and organized clutter. He doesn’t limit himself to one thing, and is a great example of someone who is able to juggle multiple passions, enjoy their days, AND play the capitalist simulation game on expert-mode.

His mission?

To create harmony in spaces with art.

His passion for creative output carries over into his workplace as well, which is truly the best of both worlds! He has worked as an art director on projects with Nike, Jordan, Adidas and more. He has also created a space for himself in Virginia's visual art and tattoo community. On top of all that, this man ALSO plays bass in the Richmond based band Drook!

Our interview got deep! And our intern had a little tooooo much fun with the sound-effects board, but honestly? WE LOVE A SPECTACLE. KEEPS THE PEOPLE ATTENTIVE.

Some of his submitted work samples you can review:

Ref 2 - “Another Place”: Through shape, opacity, and texture, each watercolor describes a certain state of being, whether internal or external… 1. Health 2. Forest 3. Spoiled Mind 4. Biology Class 5. Focus Mode 6. Landing Port 7. Self Image 8. Rose Garden 9. Candle Lit Dinner

Ref 1 - “DUPI Neon Distressed Jeans” 1/1 32x38: Airbrush on thrifted Lee Jeans

Ref 1 - “DUPI Neon Distressed Jeans” 1/1 32x38: Airbrush on thrifted Lee Jeans


Or HERE ------>

Want to reach out to Kaelan and chat?

Here’s the Official Personal-Info LeakTM:



IG: @kaelanbrown | @dupi_tales

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