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Thanks For The Memoir Material! | Diary Entry #1

Life is a highway?


Life is an improv-stage, and you must be present and active to participate effectively.

(It’s also a runway, and respectfully, I’m WALKING HERE!)

Oh, Hi internet! I’M Aspen, and THIS is MY living memoir!!!

Adult Diva Striking a Sassy PoseTM

*rabid/feral audience shrieking, clapping, and Pink Panther Theme: Trap Remix plays*

Alright, let’s get to WORK! Perhaps you’re wondering, what exactly is a LIVING memoir?

It is an ever-evolving, live documentation of my experiences and a headquarters for sharing some of the tools I’ve picked up along the way.

My memoir is alive because there is simply TOO MUCH CONTENT! I can’t keep track of it all! When life gives you complex trauma, you MAKE A MEMOIR!

i <3 using my art degree 2 create low-resolution graphics <3333

If nothing else, this is a digital archive of a huge transitional period in my life AND my childhood dream cyberspace-web show becoming a reality.

But in my dreams, you ask? In my dreams, this is also a collaborative and communal online world/safe space that can offer hope and a good chuckle (if I’m lucky) to those who stumble into it.

This idea was born the way most of my favorite ideas are born: by being a way I used humor to cope with pain!

I recently had to withdraw from my graduate school art program after a whooooole debacle. That’s a whole tangent-tale that I will tell in the future, but basically, I very suddenly had my entire routine, resources, and familiarity RKO-body slammed by the people I thought I could trust.

It was….OUCH at absolute best.

For lack of a better phrase, I felt like I had been chewed up and spAT into a reality I wasn’t expecting or felt ready for. I went from feeling confident, safe, and stable to completely rambunctiously-slip-n-sliding into a whole new world. What a PR NIGHTMARE!

I initially started off on a weeping “WHY ME!?” depression-episode that looked quite similar to that of the iconic Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde.” You know…THE post-Warner-break-up-meltdown (minus the manicures and if she was 2 months behind on her car payments.)

I quickly realized that even at its peaks, I didn’t lose touch with my sense of humor. I would go from sobbing existentially to saying things like “geeeez the fans are gonna LOVE this!” and “this is top-tier memoir material baby! SHOWBIZZZ!” Instead of judging myself, I became curious about the way I was responding, which gave me space to safely feel everything I felt about the situation without judgement.

If past methods of getting back on my feet haven’t been able to withstand the raging winds we know as daily life in this HELLSCAPE, then I may as well experiment with a different path in this experience, right? What if I considered it a beta test….a prototype….a MOCKUP if you will?!



*live studio audience goes wild*

I had an AH-HAAA! moment of clarity where I realized I needed to focus my attention on how to move through trauma and bounce back as softly as possible instead of how to be at peace and happy always.

Let’s be real…. Jeffy-Boy-Besos and Company simply aren’t gonna let that one happen, friends……it wouldn’t be “on brand” for the United States if we were all happy!

Aaaaaanyway back to the script….

SO! What is “Respawning”, why is it important, and how can you do it?

Well, my friend, every top-tier story ends on a cliff-hanger, so I guess you’re going to have to wait and see ;) MWAHAHA!

“The Gentle Art of The Respawn”, AKA my 5-step-respawn-method, will be dropping LIVE in front of a STUDIO AUDIENCE on this blog on F R I D A Y WOOOO!

Follow our other “corporate offices” ;) (social media) so you don’t miss out on the JUICY secrets! I also have a gift shop in the works where you can find some organizational materials and silly company merch :) If you’re feeling extra juicy, go take a well-deserved company 10 exploring my cyberworld on!

**company note: I suggest using your desktop to explore the website. My intern is working "soooo hard" on the mobile view, but let's be real....they're doing this work for exposure and experience so their a little.....unreliable? unmotivated? unCAPABLE perhaps?....smh kids these days, nobody wants to do the work :/ Speaking of which, GET BACK TO WORK!

With palpable vibes and the approval of my PR team,

Aspen <333

xoxo :P


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